Thanks for your interest in Positively Smoke Free (PSF) over the last several years. Funding for this grant through NIH will be ending and the PSF site will be shutting down on 9/30/2020. We encourage you to continue your quit journey by joining the EX Community, which is part of This program is free to join, offers a community where you can chat with others, and has many tips and tools for staying tobacco-free. The Ex Community has helped more than 89,000 people since 2008. It is managed by Truth Initiative, a partner on the PSF grant with Montefiore Medical Center.

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Doubles your odds of quitting!

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Why quit smoking at all?

You know why. You've been told 100 times before. That's why you're here!

You may not even realize: lung cancer kills more HIV+ people than anything else.

Need more motivation? Smoking makes your HIV meds less effective and it opens your body up to infections you can't afford. photo. Posed by model.

Does this even work?

Simply put, yes. Everyone says their quit smoking program works, but we know ours does.

This program doubled the odds that smokers would quit successfully in two different studies.

Quitting is always going to be hard. Positively Smoke Free makes it easier.

Who is behind this?

Positively Smoke Free was created by a team of quit smoking experts, HIV specialists, and current and former positive smokers.

The program is supported by Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, NY, Westat and Truth Initiative in Washington, DC.

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